Parker County Land

Parker County is a region of Texas with a population of around 116,000. The county seat of Weatherford is west of Fort Worth, and Parker County itself is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The county’s landscape is covered in gently rolling plains. Tall grasses, mesquite, and oak trees are among the most abundant flora in the region, although elm, walnut, and pecan trees are commonly seen along the streams, rivers, and in the valleys of Parker County. Parker county is crossed by two large rivers, the Brazos and the Trinity.

The earliest inhabitants of the county were Comanche and Kiowa, until the 1840s, when American and European settlers arrived and built their own settlements. They established farms and ranches, which still form the bulk of the area’s economy today.

Ranches, and the animal products they produce make up the bulk of Parker County’s economic growth. Around 74 perfect of the county’s agricultural income is derived from livestock or livestock products, in particular, dairy.

However, the county also produces hay, oats, wheat, peanuts, sorghum, watermelons, peaches, and pecans. Mineral resources found in the county include natural gas, sand, gravel, bituminous coal, and some limited reserves of oil.

Aside from agriculture and ranching, tourism is an important aspect of Parker County’s economy. The region’s rich state parks and nature trails invite locals and visitors alike to swim, kayak, fish, hunt, and much more. Parker County hosts an annual peach festival, as well as frontier rodeo days.

Parker County is a beautiful region of Texas that allows access to larger cities including Fort Worth, while still offering a breadth of opportunity for ranches, farms, and much more. Parker County is a growing area with much to offer.