Mason County Land

Located just south of the geographical center of the state, Mason County covers a 935 square mile area of Texas Hill Country. Named for Fort Mason, the region has a population of just over 4,000 people, residing in the city of Mason and a range of small, unincorporated communities.

Agriculture is a staple of the county economy, with more than $30 million in annual agricultural commodity sales, 30,000 acres of pastureland, and 5,000 acres of tillable land for crop farming. Beef cattle make up the majority of the region’s agricultural footprint, followed by other livestock, recreational ranches, and a quickly growing number of wine grape vineyards.

Hunting is also an extremely popular activity in Mason County because of the area’s abundant wildlife, including turkey, dove, quail, and famous Texas white-tail deer! This section of Hill Country offers excellent fishing as well, with a number of spring-fed creeks, the San Saba River, the James River, and the Llano River all tracing paths throughout Mason County.

Those looking to establish farms, ranches, or recreational game property need look no further than the rolling countryside of Mason County. Properties are available to meet your needs – from budget to acreage – and get your new venture started with a home in the beautiful Texas Hills!