Llano County Land

Named for the beautiful Llano River, Llano County comprises 966 square miles of central Texas land, right in world famous Hill Country, on the eastern side of the Edwards Plateau. The population rests around roughly 19,000 people spread across several communities and rural areas throughout the county.

First organized in 1856, Llano County is home to a host of farming and ranching industries, much like the surrounding region. Cattle ranching, of course, is a major staple of the local economy. Other ranches of the area raise hogs, Angora goats, and dedicate tracts of land to visiting hunters of whitetail deer. In fact, Llano County is known as the “Deer Capital of Texas” because of its massive whitetail population!

Agriculturally, Llano County is home to several vineyards, as well as farms growing sorghum, corn, soybeans, and a range of other crops. While farming is a portion of the Llano county economy, ranching remains far more popular.

Explore the listings below to find the Llano County property that best fits your dreams – from small ranches to expansive farms, and everything in between. This diverse area of Texas Hill Country offers plots to meet your budget and your needs, whatever they may be. You’ll love Llano County!