Kimble County Land

Kimble County is located on Texas’s Edwards Plateau, which encompases several ranching counties. Kimble was created in 1858, but not organized until 1876, and named for George C. Kimble, who died at the Battle of the Alamo.

The Edward Plateau’s rolling plains are intersected by several waterways, which are popular fishing destinations for visitors and locals alike. The area was originally, like the rest of the Edwards Plateau, inhabited by several different Native American groups. The Spanish explored the area, but European settlers did not arrive in the area until the late 1850s.

The hilly terrain of the plateau meant that the area was more suitable for ranching than for agriculture, and cattle and sheep ranching dominated the local economy for at least a century. Today, however, the economy is split between agriculture and livestock. These two industries make up about 90% of the county’s income.

The rest of Kimble County’s income is tourism and other industries. Hunting and fishing are particularly popular.

Kimble County is predominantly an agricultural and ranching county. Its chief exports are cedar oil, wood products, cattle, meat goats, Angora goats, pecans, and metal building materials. The properties available in Kimble County are, like the rest of Edwards Plateau, wonderfully suited to cattle ranchers, raising goats and sheep, and as established hunting and fishing lands.

If you’re looking for acreage to hunt, fish, raise livestock or anything else, Kimble County has a variety of properties to meet your needs.