Gonzales County Land

Gonzales County is located in Texas and has a population just shy of 20,000. Situated south of Austin on US highways 87, 90, and 90A and on Interstate highway 10, Gonzales county is well-connected to more cosmopolitan areas of the state.

The county consists of three major land areas: the Texas Claypan Prairie, the Southern Blackland Prairie, and the Northern Rio Grande Plain.

Gonzales county has over 75 different types of soil overlying 19 different geologic formations, making it one of the most diverse counties in the state. Thanks to these diverse soils, the county’s natural resources include clay, sand, gravel, bentonite clay, oil, gas, and uranium.

However, the county’s riches really lay in livestock, with more 96 percent of its agricultural products were livestock and livestock products. Poultry production is important, including broilers, hens, eggs, and turkeys, and is expanding rapidly.

Recreation and tourism makes up the other half of Gonzales County’s economy, based around Palmetto State Park and other camping and outdoor recreation facilities. Fishing, camping, and watersports are popular in Gonzales County, thanks to the large rivers that run through it. Birds, quaking bogs, and other unusual phenomena can be observed within Gonzales County, making it a popular place for botanists, naturalists, and tourists.

The county has two major lakes, and these attract all manner of fishing, camping, and watersports. The county also has a large golf course in Independence Park.

Other popular spots include the Pioneer Village Living History Center and Noah’s Land Wildlife Preserve. Gonzales County is a rapidly diversifying region in Texas. It’s economy continues to expand in both agriculture and tourism, making it a great place to live or invest.