Edwards County Land For Sale

Sharing a namesake with the beautiful Edwards Plateau region of central Texas, Edwards County encompasses 2,120 square miles of diverse terrain – from rolling hills and numerous caves in the east, to the relatively flat plateau territory in the west. The county only contains a few small towns, comprising a total population of roughly 2,000 people.

One of the most noteworthy features of the county is the abundant water supply, with the headwaters of the Llano, Nueces, and West Nueces rivers all flowing through the region, as well as some fifteen natural springs that stay active throughout the year. These geographic features make fishing a readily available – and extremely popular – activity. Hand in hand with Edwards County fishing, game hunting (and with it, dedicated hunting land) is also quite common. Wildlife in the region includes javelina, turkey, quail, and whitetail deer.

Agriculturally, the Edwards County terrain isn’t necessarily suited for crop farming, but makes excellent grazing land for sheep, Angora goats, and cattle. In fact, the town of Rocksprings – the Edwards County seat – is recognized as the Angora goat capital of the world!

The properties available in Edwards County are perfectly suited for cattle ranches, raising goats and sheep, and establishing dedicated hunting lands. A variety of properties are available to meet your budget, acreage, and resource needs, each unique in its own way, and ready to be the home of your new central Texas venture!