Ector County Land

Located in western Texas, Ector County has a population of approximately 137,000 people, with nearly 100,00 living in the county seat of Odessa. The county was founded in 1887, covering a 902 square mile area of mostly flat, open landscape on the northern border of the Edwards Plateau.

While the oil industry remains the central pillar of the economy – as it has for the majority of the county’s history – the large tracts of undeveloped land make the entire region ripe for another historic Texas enterprise: cattle ranching.

An often-overlooked facet of this portion of West Texas, livestock and ranch properties have been a staple of the region since the early 1900s. As the Ector County economy begins to shift away from oil and toward other energy industries, the agricultural mainstays remain consistent, with beef cattle, pecans, and poultry as the primary products.

In addition to ranch and farmland, rural Ector County is also a prime location for hunting property. A range of game naturally inhabits the area, including small varmints like hare and javelina, fowl such as duck, dove, quail, and turkey, and of course, Texas whitetail deer.

Ector County is a beautiful, spacious region of open landscapes, punctuated by the city of Odessa as the center of local culture and entertainment. With a variety of different ranch properties available, ranging in size and price to meet your budget and needs, Ector County is a wonderful place to expand your current operation or start anew in West Texas! Browse the listings below to find the Ector County property that’s right for you.