Crockett County Land

Founded in 1875 and later organized in 1891, Crockett County, Texas is located on the southwestern edge of the Edwards Plateau, and is named for famed frontiersman Davy Crockett. With an area of 2,807 square miles and a population of just 3,719 (as of the 2010 census), Crockett County has a population density of just 1.3 people per square mile.

The primary community in Crockett County is the county seat of Ozona, containing nearly all of the county’s residents, buildings, and businesses. Much of the rest of the area is occupied by ranches and farmland, largely dedicated to sheep, Angora goats, and beef cattle. Hunting leases for famous Texas whitetail deer are also common in Crockett County. Other popular game includes turkey, javelina, duck, mule deer, hare, goose, and Wilson’s Snipe.

As of 2012, Crockett County had 216 farms, with over 97% used for pastureland. The small percentage dedicated to crops consists mostly of grains, beans, and hay. Angora goats (and the mohair fleece they produce) are one of Crockett County’s main economic drivers. In fact, Crockett County is one of the nation’s largest producers of mohair and wool!

The rugged terrain of Crockett County is characterized by steep canyons and flat mesas in the southwest and broad valleys in the north, with an expanse of flatland to the northeast separating the Colorado and Rio Grande river basins. Even with its distinct geographical features in different areas, ranch and farmland can be found across the county.

Properties are available throughout Crockett County, Texas for cattle farming, sheep and goat raising, game hunting, and beyond. Properties vary in size and amenities, with the average Crockett County farm consisting of roughly 7000 acres. Explore the listings below to find the property that best matches your budget, needs, and desired facilities, and enjoy your new venture here on the Edwards Plateau!